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2016 BEGINS!

We'll be up and running in Las Vegas starting in March 2016!  With events planned for April, May and June to follow.  And like last year, northern Nevada can expect us in Reno in July for four days and another two in September!

Check in at for event dates for the entire year as we'll be adding as we go.  Also, make sure to follow us on social media - you can find us on facebook here, twitter here and instagram here!

Hope to see you in 2016!

2015 Year End Review!

With 2015 all wrapped up, just a few quick notes about another successful year!

A huge success at home in Nevada saw us do events in Las Vegas in February, March, April, May and June; then with our usual summer Vegas break for the heat we traveled up to Reno for our annual 4 day visit in July and then again in September for another 2 days.  We're hoping to continue making multiple visits to northern Nevada in future years!  We wrapped up the year in Las Vegas with events in each of September, October, November and December.

We continued our intitiative with Nevada's Zero Teen Fatalities in April for their annual event with Driver's Edge and look forward to continuing to make that event special each year.

Overall, nearly 7,000 young drivers and parents visited with us in 2015!

WIshing everyone a safe and happy holiday and we'll be back at it after the new year!

Thanks State Farm…Again!

Another very special thank you to State Farm! Over the years, State Farm has donated funds to help support certain programs we've held around the country and in 2015, Edge was again a recipient of a Good Neighbor Citizenship Grant from State Farm!

This year's grant helped fund our four day event in Reno from July 23 to 26, 2015, which like all Edge events, was free for students and parents to attend! We're grateful for State Farm's commitment to young drivers and the help they've provided to Driver's Edge! 

You can learn more about State Farm at and you can find them on facebook here and on twitter here (and if you use the hashtag #StateFarmGrant you can find all sorts of great stuff on the causes they support!).

Thanks yet again State Farm! We really appreciate the help and we hope you will continue to be a partner for many years to come!