With 2015 all wrapped up, just a few quick notes about another successful year!

A huge success at home in Nevada saw us do events in Las Vegas in February, March, April, May and June. Then with our usual summer Vegas break for the heat we traveled up to Reno for our annual 4 day visit in July and then again in September for another 2 days.  We’re hoping to continue making multiple visits to northern Nevada in future years!  We wrapped up the year in Las Vegas with events in each of September, October, November and December.

We continued our intitiative with Nevada’s Zero Teen Fatalities in April for their annual event with Driver’s Edge and look forward to continuing to make that event special each year.

Overall, nearly 7,000 young drivers and parents visited with us in 2015!

WIshing everyone a safe and happy holiday and we’ll be back at it after the new year!