We were happy to be able to visit Reno three times this summer!  In June we held one of two special Zero Teen Fatalities events this year (the first was in Las Vegas back in April).  At the Reno ZTF event we had our first student/parent challenge and it went great!  We’re looking forward to bringing back this special event in 2018.  We then went back to Reno for four days in late July and capped it off with another two day visit on September 9 & 10.

We love getting to northern Nevada and we look forward to returning as much as we can!  Thanks as always to the Washoe County Regional Public Safety Training Center in Reno for being our host, to Champion Chevrolet for providing for all the cars we use in Reno and of course to Zero Teen Fatalities – the Nevada initiative that provides us so much support.

Please give Champion Chevrolet a visit at championchevroletreno.com and you can check out all things Zero Teen Fatalities at zeroteenfatalities.com.