Saving Young Lives

Our mission is to save lives by making our highways safer through comprehensive hands-on youth driver education.  We believe in the importance of educating both young drivers and their parents on the responsibilities and potential dangers of operating an automobile.  Our goal is to provide young drivers, regardless of social or economic status, with a free program to develop the necessary skills to respond to a variety of hazardous driving situations because this type of training needs to be available to everyone, not just those with means.

Why Driver’s Edge?

Driver’s Edge was developed because automobile collisions are the number one killer of America’s youth and it doesn’t have to be that way.  In order to empower young drivers with better skills, we believe it’s essential to supplement their driver’s education with a more hands-on approach to safety and collision avoidance techniques.  Young drivers also need to understand just how dangerous an automobile can actually be. Responding to the need for additional driver’s education is critical if we are to protect young drivers, their passengers and the drivers who share the highways with them.

A Charity Dedicated to Saving Young Lives

Driver’s Edge is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and public charity dedicated to one simple thing – teaching young drivers what’s not being taught in traditional driver’s education.  Our sole mission is to help save lives with our unique and innovative behind the wheel program.

You’ve taught 4 of my 6 kids in your program and I’m really interested in getting my last 2 the Driver’s Edge experience as well. I’m a true believer in your program!
Joe Fiato
Just took class this weekend with 15yr old twins and wanted to let you know they walked away wide eyed and pumped up!
Martha Murphy
I can confidently say that taking this course saved not only my life, but my friend’s as well. Thank you for all that you guys do to keep drivers safe!!!
Nicholle Miller
My oldest son, now 24, was involved in an accident…He walked away without a scratch and credited his ability to control the vehicle to the training he got from Driver’s Edge.
Joe Farmer